Committees and topics of MUNOG 2019



Security Council

1. Measures to Combat Possible Effects to International Peace and Security Caused by US - Iran Tensions with Special Regard to the Nuclear Agreement.
2. Measures to Prepare for the Aftermath of the Syrian Civil War with Special Regard to the Effects of Religious Extremism.


DISEC (Disarmament and International Security)

1. The Regulation of Trade and Private Ownership of Assault Rifles on a Global Schedule.

The Growing Relevance of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in International Security.


SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee)

1. Measures to Combat Ethnic Discrimination and Violence in Prisons.
2. Measures to Promote Inclusion in Multinational and Local Companies.


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

1. Measures to Protect Wildlife from Further Decline in Biodiversity and Extinction.
2. Ensuring to Protect Citizens from Heavy Storms and Tsunamis in Coastal Regions by Organizing a Security System.


World Health Organization

1. Measures to Increase the Number of Vaccinations in Zones with Higher Infection Risks of Contagious Diseases.
2. Combating the Distribution and Use of Illegal Drugs in order to Mitigate Mortality Rate in Metropolitan Areas.


Human Rights Council

1. Decriminalizing Abortion and Facilitating Access to Required Information and Reliable Healthcare with Special Reference to Asian and Arabic Countries.
2. Securing Education in War Zones with Special Regard to Syria and Yemen.


Commission on the Status of Women

1. Improving Health Conditions for Women in Developing Countries to Ensure Gender Equality in the Light of Traditional Rituals for Women.
2. Ensuring the Rights of Female Commercial Sex Workers and Access to Basic Health Care.


Economic and Social Council

1. Addressing the Positive and Negative Effects of International Migration on Big Cities.
2. Ensuring Economic Measures in order to Facilitate Access to Expensive Prescription Medication.