Secretary General

Jolyne Schmitt



Hello everyone,

as this year’s Secretary General I happily welcome you all to the 10th conference of MUNOG.

My name is Jolyne Schmitt and I am 17 years old. Currently, I attend the 12th grade at the Goldberg-Gymnasium.

This is my 5th conference experience. I have taken part in MUN conferences as a delegate in Stuttgart, Bucharest and Sindelfingen. Last year, I was the deputy SG of MUNOG.

I love the spirit and the feeling during the conferences, getting in touch with new people, as well as maintaining international friendships.

Besides school, I dance twice a week and go climbing. I also run a young children’s group and organize projects for kids in our neighborhood.

I hope you will have an amazing week in autumn, without any major problems.


See you in October,

Jolyne Schmitt

your Secretary General


Deputy Secretary General

Lilli Basic


Hello everyone!

My name is Lilli Basic and I have the honour to participate at the 10th MUNOG conference as the Deputy Secretary General.

In October, I will be 16 years old and attending eleventh grade of my school. Due to my great interest in international politics especially I have already gathered experience as a delegate and a chair in other MUNs, MUNOG is going to be my 4th conference.

What I love and admire about MUNs is the amount of effort everybody puts into their work to achieve a conference based on heated and solution-oriented debates. I believe that I can speak for everybody when I say that MUNs are one of the best ways to get in touch with different cultures all around the globe and to collect memorable moments and thoughts.

In my spare time I love to read all kinds of books. I started acting in drama groups when I was 6 and, currently, I am a part of my school’s Drama Club. One of my favourite things to do when it comes to relaxing is playing the piano, I have practiced it since I was 8 years old. Me being an active person leads to me loving tennis, which I do once a week.

I hope to meet many new faces in October but also to welcome many familiar ones.

See you soon,

Lilli Basic


Executive Director of CM

Sarah Knoth


My name is Sarah Knoth,

I’m 17 years old and I’m in 12th grade of the GGS. In my free time I really enjoy meeting my friends and spending time with them.

This year, it’s my third time at MUNOG or MUN in general. Last year I was the Deputy Executive Director of Conference Management and it really helped me to get an overview what Conference Management is about. That’s why I wanted to organize MUN at my school again so now I’m the Executive Director of Conference Management within the conference management team.

It’s our job to plan everything that’s important in the week of MUNOG. To give you some examples, we order the lanyards and trophies; we organize the meals, the snacks and the drinks; moreover, it’s our job to order the bus tickets for the delegates and to print out the certificates which everyone will receive at the end of MUNOG.

All in all, I really expect MUNOG 2018 to be as great as MUNOG 2017 and 2016. I hope that our work will be worthwhile and everyone will enjoy the time of MUNOG 2018.

Sarah Nerz


My name is Sarah Nerz,

I’m 17 years old, I live in Böblingen and I’m in 12th grade of the Goldberg Gymnasium in Sindelfingen.

In my spare time I enjoy meeting friends, doing sports and listening to music. I love travelling to other countries and working together with other people.

This year marks my third time taking part in MUNOG. Two years ago I was a member of the SIM Staff, helping the Chairs in the committees. This position was a really good springboard and gave me a great overview of the whole system of MUNOG, how everything works and is connected.

Last year I wanted to be more involved, so I took an active role in organising the conference. That’s why I applied as the Deputy Executive Director of Conference Management, got the position and enjoyed it a lot. That’s why I’m carrying on this work as Executive Director of Conference Management this year. Together with the other members  of the Conference Management Team we’ll take care of organising food, snacks and drinks for the whole week and we order a lot of important and useful things (e.g bracelets, lanyards,  placards, cups, bus tickets for the delegates, etc. ).

During the conference week we are the contact persons for all staff members and make sure that everything is going well without any complications. It’s also our task to create and print the certificates which everyone will receive at the end of the conference.

I’m looking forward to a great and unforgettable week of MUNOG 2018 and I hope everyone will have a great time during the conference!

Deputy Executive Director of CM

Julia Riehm


Hello everyone!

My Name is Julia Riehm, I´m 15 years old and I live in Sindelfingen. I´m in the 11th grade at the hosting school GGS.

This year is my third time at MUNOG and the second of being part of the organizing team. Last year I was the Head of Food and Beverage, so it was a good introduction to the work of the organizing team.

This year I wanted to have a more active role, so I decided to be the Deputy Executive Director of Conference Management. We are five students on the Conference Management team and our job is to organize the important things for MUNOG. For example , we have to order the lanyards, bracelets, trophies, etc. and we organize the bus tickets or the food and drinks. During the conference week we create and print the certificates and we are the contact persons for all staff members.

I´m looking forward to a great conference in October!  


Financial & Sponsoring Managers

Abdulmelik Celik


Hello everyone!

My name is Abdulmelik Celik, or just Abdul. I am 18 years old and i am a student at the hosting school Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen. This will be my first time in the Executive Committee where I am active as Financial and Sponsoring Manager. This year, I am also active as a Chair in the committee DISEC. This is my fourth conference overall after I have been a delegate three times. I love making new friends, going to the gym and playing football. 

I wish you all a great time and look forward to meeting you all, guys!


Head of Photography

Finn Pflieger


Hello together,

my name is Finn Pflieger, I am 16 years old and I am in the 11th grade at the Hosting School Goldberg Gymnasium in Sindelfingen. In 2016 I took part at MUNOG for the first time as Approval Panel 1 like in 2017. But this year I will participate as the Head of Photography, so I am responsible for the pictures of the EC-Team and all the pictures that need to be done while the conference.

Looking forward to see you at MUNOG 2018 in October!


Media Manager

David Braendle

Hello guys,

My name is David Braendle, I am 18 years old and I am in 11th grade of the Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen. 2018 is the third time I participate in MUNOG and I am really looking forward to this event.

I am responsible for the technical implementation of MUNOG, including the preparation of all conference rooms with technical equipment as well as the set-up and operation in our assembley hall, which is used for the Opening and Closing as well as the Diplomats' Soirée. In addition, I work in the area of "Approval Panel", where the written working papers are edited and corrected. Afterwards, the final working papers for the GA booklet are completed and presented on the last day of MUNOG.

I'm looking forward to MUNOG 2018, to get to know many new people and meet students from former events. See you in October!

Jonas Lenfers



My Name is Jonas Lenfers I am 17 years old and in the 12th grade of the Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen. For me this MUNOG is my 3rd time. I am very interested in technical things so I decided to join MUNOG as a Media Manager together with David Braendle. We are responsible for the technical equipment in all conference rooms as well as in the assembly hall. We also keep the MUNOG-Website and the social media up to date and work in the Approval Panel 1 to correct all the Resolutions. I am also really into music and look forward to play with our band for you.

See you at MUNOG 2018!

Head of Film

Tim Zeeb


Hey, you!

I’m Tim, 17 years old and the Head of Film at this year’s MUNOG conference!
I’m pretty excited to do it this year again, but luckily, I’ll be working together with two more students on the Closing Movie. I have already participated at MUNOG twice before, the first time as a Film Assistant. Furthermore, I’ve been at MUNISS and MUNOB, so if you’ve been at any of those too, let me know. Since my job is mainly to hold a camera right onto you and make you smile, I’m also pretty sure we’ll see each other in whichever committee you are.

Social Programm Manager

Rafael Hiller


I am Rafael Hiller,

I am 17 years old and I am going to be one of the Social Program Managers at MUNOG 2018.

I live in Dagersheim, a small village near Sindelfingen. In my free time I am interested in art, biology and politics and love drawing, writing and watching movies and series.   

In the past I have taken part in MUNOB 2017, BIMUN 2018 and also in MUNOG 2017 as a delegate. Besides being one of the Social Program Managers, I am also going to be a delegate as the Russian Federation in the Security Council this year.

I look forward to seeing you all at the conference.

Rafael Hiller

Lisa Sturm


Hey guys!

My name is Lisa and I'm in 11th grade. I'm very excited to be a part of MUNOG 2018 because I think it is a great opportunity to meet new people and to challenge myself.

2018 is the third time I participate in MUNOG, the years before I was F&B Staff, helping to provide food for the Delegates and Chairs and SIM Staff, supporting the Chairs in the committees. This year I'm one of the Heads of the Social Programme, together with Lara and Rafael. We are responsible for the organization of such events as the visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the official MUNOG party. Organizing things is a lot of fun for me so I really like my tasks.

Not only do I like to organize events, in my free time I love to hang out with my friends, to go to the cinema and to do sports. I also have a great passion for art and music.

I'm sure that MUNOG 2018 will be a great week for all of us, where we can learn many new things and make new friends!

Lara Soder


Hello there!
My name is Lara Soder, I am 17 years old and attend the 12th class in the Goldberg-Gymnasium.

I have chosen to be a part in this conference because I think it is a great opportunity for us to improve our English skills and our ability to present something. I consider myself lucky because I have not one but two jobs in this year’s MUNOG preparations: I am a member of the Organizational Team as one of the Social Program Managers and I am an Assistant to the Head of Advisor.

The Social Programme Managers are responsible for organizing the activities in the evening, like the Official Party or our Diplomats’ Soirée. I’m looking forward to creating a diverse and interesting program after the debates for you guys. Furthermore, as the Head of Advisor I want you to feel as much comfortable as possible during the conference. In addition, I will be able to help you and your delegation at any time.                                                                                          

MUNOG 2018 will be my fourth conference: At MUNOG 2016 I started as a SIM Staff , assisting the Chairs. 2017was my first time on the Executive Committee as one of the Heads of Sim Staffs. At MUNOB 2018 I gained my first experience as a delegate in a conference.

But now to my person. In my spare time I enjoy meeting friends, listening to music and doing sports. I love travelling to other countries and working together with other people.

This MUNOG is going to be my last MUN since I will graduate soon, but I am sure that this year’s MUNOG will be a unique experience for everyone involved!

I think that MUNOG is an amazing project and a great opportunity to meet new people.

I am looking forward to having a lot of fun and, hopefully, a great experience at MUNOG 2018.

See you in October,

Lara Soder

Head of Press

Francesca Rolf


Hi guys!

My name is Francesca and I'm 17 years old. It's a great honour for me to be on MUNOG 2018's organization team as one of two "Heads of Press". This means that -  together with Nicola –I am responsible for our daily newspaper and the contact with the real press. Until now I've been part of two MUNs which have been a great experience and somehow a challenge for me. The reason why I'm Head of Press in particular is quite simple, I really like to write things down and due to my great experience on the press team in 2017 I am convinced that I’d be in good hands here.

Of course, there is more to me than just MUNOG: I'm interested in arts and photography and, additionally to that, I like doing sports and hanging out with my friends in my free time.

However, I'm really excited to see you all soon!


Nicola Wohlschlager


Hello everybody!

My name is Nicola Wohlschlager, I am 17 years old and a senior student  at the Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen.

Last year I was a delegate in the WHO committee which was an interesting and challenging experience. This year I will take the role as a Head of Press in the the Executive Committee. My responsibility will be to keep contact to the local press, write articles for the MUNOG newspaper, find sponsors to finance our expenses and lead the press team.

In my free time I like playing the violin, painting, bouldering and meeting friends. I'm looking forward to an interesting week, rich in experience and learning.


Head of Advisor

Sana Petersen


Dear participants of MUNOG 2018,

My name is Sana Petersen and I’m 17 years old. During the conference I will be in my final year at the hosting school. My hobbies are doing sports, especially playing handball, diving in summer and skiing in winter. I really enjoy reading books as well as traveling around and getting together with my friends.

Up to now I’ve participated in several MUNs as a delegate for example in MUNISS and BIMUN. In this year’s conference I will be the Head of Advisors in the Executive Committee and will work closely together with the Social Program Managers. I will try to pass on all of our information to your advisors so that all of the delegations will be well informed.

Furthermore, this MUN will be my last one during my time at school.
So, I’m really looking forward to another special, unforgettable MUN at Goldberg and meeting you all!


Head of Logistics

Nina Schüle



My name is Nina Schüle and I am really excited to be part of the organisation team of MUNOG 2018 as the Head of Logistics. I´m 17 years old and in 12th grade.

Since I came to the Goldberg-Gymnasium in Sindelfingen I have hosted MUNOG students and that´s the reason why I´m here today. I have taken part in MUNOG twice and have got MUN experience as a delegate at MUNISS (International School Stuttgart) and MUNOB (in Bukarest).

I´m looking forward to meeting all of you!


Head of Sim Staff

Antonia Kohler


Hello everybody!

My name is Antonia Kohler and I´m currently 16 years old. I am an active person, in my free time I am physically very active, practicing artistic cycling.

I am in 11th grade and this is my first time participating at MUNOG as one of the two Heads of Sim Staff.

MUNOG is a possibility for me to communicate with a variety of people from different cultures and to challenge my language skills. I am looking forward to taking over responsibility and, especially, to meeting you all in October!

Frederik Permentier


Hello everyone!

My name is Frederik Permentier and I’m currently 16 years old and attend 11th grade.

I have participated at MUNOG as a Logistic Staff and an Advisor before. Since those were only little tasks, I decided to take over more responsibility this year and therefore I have the honor to participate as one of the two Heads of Sim Staff.

In my spare time I love to do sports. I am a huge fan of skiing and I have weekly handball training.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in fall.


Petra Schulze-Permentier & Sabine Dietrich (Photo)


This is the 4th year for Mrs Petra Schulze-Permentier as Head of Accommodation at MUNOG. Having lived in a variety of different countries all around the world, Petra enjoys the international flair of MUNOG at the Goldberg and is a specialist in finding solutions for almost impossible missions with a wide smile on her face.

Mrs Sabine Dietrich, as a former student of the Goldberg, is in her 2nd year of assisting the MUNOG Housing Team and also enjoys this wonderful platform the Goldberg has created.

We both are happy to assist the MUNOG team and the delegates in any questions regarding the housing of our guests and wish everybody a fantastic MUNOG 2018.