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What's MUNOG 2020 about? And how can you get involved?

Let's create in-depth films that document the current situation from different angles and from the perspective of young people.

We would like to encourage you to send us a 5-20 minutes video clip (depending on your topic and the depth of your analysis).

This is how it works:

  • Put together a team that is motivated to join our video project
  • together, go to TOPICS on our MUNOG website and have a look at our list of topics
  • From this list, choose up to 2 topics to work on
  • Write a brief outline of how you plan to tackle these topics, so we get an idea of your vision.

We encourage your team to shed light on the chosen topics from a local and, if possible, even global perspective.

Here’s an example:

If your school decides to tackle the topic of education, it would be interesting to learn how your city confronted the situation, but also look at a federal, even global level.

Possible questions for your video could be:

  • How does your school cope with the situation, what are challenges but also chances?
  • Does your country focus enough on the educational sector in general?
  • How has the pandemic changed education in your country?
  • Has this pandemic changed the way we see schools, teachers, the importance of education?
  • Will the pandemic change the way children go to school in the future?

Show us how your team talks to experts, local authorities, students, teachers, parents etc. Shed light on the news coverage of this topic in your country. There are no limits to your creativity!

While the focus should be on your final product (a video clip), we are also interested in you documenting the process. Show us how you came up with ideas, funny situations, what challenges you met, which setbacks your team faced and how your ideas came to fruition.