Topics 2020

1. Climate

  •  How does the virus influence the climate change?
  •  How will politicians / governments deal with potential measures against climate change?
  •  How will the restrictions influence our attitude towards climate change in the future (travel, consumerism, globalization)?

2. Conspiracy Theories

  • Why did the amount of conspiracy theories rise during the pandemic?
  • What are the aims of those conspiracy theories?
  • How do conspiracy theories influence citizens’ opinions about vaccinations?

3. Cyber Crime

  •  How does the increasing data flow influence data security and cyber crime?

4. Democracy on the test bench

  • increasing racism, nationalism and dictatorships
  • integration of Europe
  • restriction of human rights due to shifting power balance (relation: state/individual)

5. Digitalization

  • Has quarantine been a chance for digitalization?
  • Which physical health problems during quarantine are potentially caused by the increased use of digital devices?

6. Economy

  • How can countries handle the virus without risking a disastrous economic collapse?
  • How can governments prepare their economy for future pandemics?

7. Education

  • What measures have been taken by the government to ensure education during quarantine?
    • global level (governments)
    • local level (teachers and students)
  • How does the wealth gap affect digitalization with regard to the circumstances in schools?
  • Does digital education guarantee the same level like before the pandemic?

8. Gender Equality

  • How has domestic violence been increasing during the pandemic?
  • Are we experiencing a return to traditional gender role clichés?

9. Health and Well-being

  • general health in times of social isolation
    • with special regard to elderly people
    • with special regard to children and youths

10. Health Care System

  • Health care systems in developing countries vs. in developed countries
    • How did the attitude of governments towards the importance of health care and care workers change?
  • What measures have been taken by your government to ensure health care?
  • How can/did countries prevent the collapse of their health care system?
  • What measure can be taken to prevent possible future pandemics?

11. Medical Research

  • State of research concerning a vaccine and treatment
  • Intentions of specific countries to secure exclusive rights of vaccines
  • What are possible vaccination scenarios (obligatory, voluntary)

12. Refugees

  • How has border control increased during the pandemic and what are the consequences for refugees?
  • How has the situation in refugee camps developed during the pandemic and what measures have been taken in order to improve the situation?
  • How did the spread of the virus influence the amount of refugees?

13. The Role/Responsibility of Media

  • social media as a means of communication of governments with the people (latest statistics, research, etc.)
  • the importance of media for different age groups
  • the importance of self-representation by governments in the media
  • How do fake news influence citizens?

14. Wealth Gap

  • How does the economic recession influence different layers of society?
  • How can countries deal with the significant increase of unemployment (e.g. USA)?