Working Paper -Sample

Model United Nations of Goldberg

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Working Paper Sample

BodyThe Approval Panel [name of committee]
ISSUE CONCERNING:The formal aspects of a resolution [topic]
SUBMITTED BY:The Head of Approval Panel [represented country or organization]


The Approval Panel will do the line numbering. Please don't add numbers.

Recommending to use this template for creating new working papers,

Having devoted attention there are some delegates who do not know how to write a resolution,

Recognizing the most faults are only small but important ones,

Taking note that reading this resolution carefully and using it as a template contributes to avoid these typical faults,

Recalling the resolution is structured in:

 - preambulatory phrases to describe the problem of the topic and,

 - operative phrases to express solutions for it,

Emphasizing every line from the address in capital letters has to be numbered,

Fully aware of the fact that under normal conditions the content of a resolution acts a more important and meaningful role than in this resolution,

  1. Considers sometimes writing a resolution takes along problems because delegates might have problems in operating:

 a. Word processing programs, such as:

i. Microsoft Word,

ii. and Open Office,

iii. maybe WordPad,

iv. or even the Microsoft Editor,

 b. Computers it selves,

 c. Or even their brains to annoy about this stupid point and surreptitious advertising;

 2. Requests all delegates to ask the members of the Approval Panel if there are difficulties or uncertain aspects in writing the resolution;

 3. Further recommends taking a look at the introductory phrases you should use in a resolution;

 4. Draws the attention to the fact that every delegate has to use the tabulator button to set always the same amount of space between the numbered lines and the phrases and between the numbers of the operative phrases and themselves, or to move subordinated phrases or words uniformly to the right;

 5. Deplores some delegates to use the respective amount of space:

 a. Only one space between the page’s position and the next phrase and between all preambulatory and operative phrases,

 b. Two spaces between the resolution head and the address in capital letters,

 c. And never a space inside of an unfinished preambulatory or operative phrase

6. Confirms that at the end of a preambulatory phrase has to be a comma and at the end of an operative one a semicolon, with a comma after a subordinated phrase in the middle;

7. Calls upon all delegates to use only so much paper as it is necessary by writing in Times New Roman, always in size 12 or Arial, size 11;

8. Declares accordingly that a resolution can only be debated sometime, if it has the sticker of the Approval Panel, which is only available for delegates who are writing their resolution like this sample one in a formally cleared way.