The Secretary General’s Greeting


distinguished delegates, 

ladies and gentlemen, 

dear visitors of the official Model United Nations of Goldberg website, 


“2020 was a global annus horribilis – a year of death, disaster and despair”. 

This is a quotation of António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United NationsIn his annual address to the United Nations General Assembly on 28th January 2021, Guterres described a world in danger and warned of the consequences of the failure to work together. 

Hardly ever has the modern world faced such difficulties and crises. What began in one city quickly occupied the whole wide world and our whole lives had to change from one day to the other. Problems we had never faced before had to be fought, measures had to be found and we had to adapt to those as quickly as possible. Our world seemed to collapse under the utilizations of our health systems, the incline of poverty and unemployment and the daily increasing numbers of infections and deaths due to the virus. In 2020 alone over 2 million people died as a consequence of COVID-19. 

The whole world tried and still tries to fight this pandemic by working together and by finding solutions. Sadly, this does not always work but even if there were many points where we struggled and where we thought we couldn’t handle the pandemic, we all learned something throughout this time: the great importance of friendship, solidarity and teamwork. 

This is also what MUNOG is about, showing the importance of those qualities as well as giving young people the opportunity of raising their voices, particular in politics. One event in 2020 showed the sizeable value of our generation’s right to have a say and that was the “Black Lives Matter movement. Young people using their options to their edges for the world to give the fight against racism the attention it needs and deservesFurthermore, it showed how important international teamwork and exchange isboth of which fundamental qualities of MUNOG. 

We, the young people of today are the future of our world. We are going to be the ones being responsible for our planet and shaping its future. For sure, this will not be trouble-freeeasy and perfect but we can try to give our best and that can start with MUNOG 2021. 

I hope all of you will attend MUNOG 2021 and I am really looking forward to meeting passionate and open-minded students, who are willing to have an impact on our future. 


H.E. Karoline Wedekind 

Secretary General of MUNOG 2021