The Secretary General’s Greeting


Distinguished Delegates,

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Dear Visitor of the Model United Nations of Goldberg website,


our world is facing severe challenges. Of course, next to destruction and despair we have seen improvement and lots of positive developments over the past years, but that does not undo the demanding situation for so many people in the world.


Clearly, the United Nations is the organization that has the responsibility but also the power to change this situation.


When looking at negotiations and discussions on an international level, it often seems as if blaming others for not caring, showing them their irresponsibility and comparing each other is the only noticeable content. No country is willing to admit its own mistakes, no country wants to be considered inferior and weak. It is not the system that creates the existing problems, it is not the other countries, neither can it be blamed on human nature. Realistically, there are endless possibilities and opportunities for us humans, we just need to make right choices and tackle the challenges.


We must look at the future and consider our past mistakes, help each other in times of need instead of using excuses over and over again. This is the kind of action needed.


It might seem unrealistic that everything will change for the better just by using a slightly different approach, but by focusing on the common ground the nations have already found as a basis for negotiations and solutions, it is not wrong to believe that we can make improvements in at least some kind of way. Diplomacy is nothing easy, but it is surely an essential tool to success.


Exactly this is included in an MUN conference. Every individual participating in MUNOG will have the chance to contribute to a great experience and to turn words into reality, both for themselves and for others.  


Therefore, I wish for a unique and special MUN experience at the Model United Nations of Goldberg 2020 and I am looking forward to welcoming you in October.


 H.E. Bennet Weber

Secretary General of MUNOG 2020