The Secretary General’s Greeting



Distinguished Delegates and MUN-Directors,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


as a result of the ongoing crisis situation, exchange programmes are not allowed to be conducted in German schools until the end of 2020, if not longer. This means neither are we allowed to travel, nor may we welcome any guests.

As MUNOG takes place in October, our conference is affected by this decision. Unfortunately we were not able to find a suitable date to postpone the conference either.

For this reason, the Executive Committee was forced to decide upon the cancellation of MUNOG 2020 in its current form.

But, as we are still passionate about creating an unforgettable experience and want to keep the MUN-Spirit alive, we have planned a video project under the name:

The Most United Nations On The Globe.

Although this project will not be able to replace the genuine MUN experience, we hope to create a special project together and want to show that we are not giving up just because of the coronavirus.

Further information on the project and how to participate will follow soon.


H.E. Bennet Weber

Secretary General of MUNOG 2020