The Secretary General’s Greeting

Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies & Gentlemen,

“[Diplomatic] skills have never been more important, as we grapple with challenges ranging from AIDS to climate change, from food security to poverty to terrorism, the major threats we face have two things in common: all of them are international, and they cannot be solved by any one country – no matter how powerful. And all of them are connected. [...] Countries and people must come together to find common solutions to our shared problems. And the United Nations is the best place to make this happen.“

This statement by Ban Ki Moon, current Secretary General of the United Nations, shall make us aware of the importance of cooperation and communication between all nations.
In the first instance cooperation allows us to solve conflicts satisfactorily for all parties. Even the smallest disagreement can lead to grave conflicts, hence the tolerance and acceptance of different opinions is more contributing to peace than before.

Therefore, for young people as we are, it is important to acquire the ability to put oneself in a different, unfamiliar position, not only to evolve empathy but also to contribute to a a future-oriented conflict-solving unity.

Model United Nations of Goldberg 2016 provides a unique opportunity to develop fruitful debates about globally important issues on an international basis with young like-minded people coming from all over the world.

Therefore, I wish you a memorable time at the eighth Model United Nations of Goldberg. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Sindelfingen from 21st to 25th October 2016.

H.E. Bjarne Bues
Secretary General of MUNOG 2016